Wainwright Map Details

Key Wainwright Fells Map Features

The fells are drawn pictorially, the size of each illustration gives approximate representation of the height of the fell. Each fell is clearly named and numbered (in order of altitude) and its associated Wainwright area (or book) colour is clearly defined.

Each hill is clearly name and number according to height and its associated Wainwright book colour is shown

Comprehensive Wainwright Fell Information Chart

For each fell in the chart there is a tick box, a date field to record the date of ascent, the fell number (in order of altitude, largest to smallest), the fell name, the area (or book) to which the fell belongs, altitudes in metres/feet and also Wainwright's original altitudes in feet.

The Wainwright Fell table documents fell name, number and corresponding Wainwright book area

Ancilliary Information

All major lakes, valleys, roads and towns of the Lake District  are shown to aid navigation.

All major lakes, valleys, roads and towns of the Lake District  are shown to aid navigation

Wainwright Map Feature List

  • Fell names
  • Fell numbers
  • Wainwright area colours defined
  • Altitudes in metres
  • Altitudes in feet
  • A.W original altitude values in feet
  • FUll list of fells in chart format
  • Tick box for each fell
  • Date field to record each ascent date
  • Major lakes
  • Major valleys
  • Major roads

Wainwright Map Specification

The Wainwright Fells Map & Tick List is a premium quality litho printed poster, printed on a heavyweight 170gsm silk finish paper. The map is available in two sizes:

  • Size SMALL (A2 / 594 x 420mm / 59.4 x 42.0cm / 16.5" x 23" approx.)
  • 1:100:000 Scale
  • £9.99 + P&P
  • Size LARGE (A1 / 841 x 594mm / 84.1 x 59.4cm / 23.5" x 33" approx.)
  • 1:75:000 Scale
  • £12.99 + P&P

Wainwright hill map detailed image

Wainwright hill map showing lakes and hills

Wainwright Fells Map & Tick List

Wainwright Fells Map & Tick List

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Plan and record your progress through the Wainwright Fells of the Lake District

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