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Stybarrow Dodd Information

Stybarrow Dodd is part of Wainwright's Eastern fells and is located to the north of the Helvellyn range, in a group of fells known as The Dodds. The Dodds also includes Watson's Dodd and the large Great Dodd, which are all similarly shaped fells - being large, grassy domes. It offers excellent views and good opportunities for Wainwright baggers to complete numerous peaks from their Wainwright maps, while the rolling nature of these fells makes them suitable for walkers with moderate experience.

Many Wainwright Walks in the area complete all of the Dodds, but Stybarrow Dodd can be reached directly from various points including walking Stybarrow Dodd taking Sticks Pass from Legburnthwaite. An interesting, if long, walk for those keen on completing as many of the Wainwright's as possible involves a Stybarrow Dodd walk in conjunction with Helvellyn and other peaks on the Helvellyn range. Beginning and ending in the popular Glenridding next to Ullswater, Catstycam is the first fell to be completed from a Wainwright baggers hill chart, followed by Helvellyn, White Side and Raise. Then, taking the Sticks Pass to Stybarrow Dodd, the route continues to Hart Side, Sheffield Pike and finally the modestly sized Glenridding Dodd. This path provides a good opportunity for ticking off the Wainwrights, especially if you have already completed the other Dodds and only have Stybarrow Dodd to go!

The views at the end of a Stybarrow Dodd walk are very good, with most of the major Lake District mountains visible The Helvellyn range stretches out to the south while the view in the direction of Thirlmere towards the Grasmoor fells is also a highlight.

Further detail on walks in The Dodds and the fells in the Helvellyn range can be read about in Book One, The Eastern Fells, by Alfred Wainwright, a volume of the Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells.

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